We want you to win THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Yes, we said, 3k!!!

Show us how you LIVE LALO. Show us how you’re pushing yourself beyond the limitations of who you were yesterday, and how you’re encouraging others to live more purposefully through your example. We invite you to show us what it is that you uniquely want to do if you win 3K towards a travel experience that will let you live LALO awesomely.


  1. To Enter: You must upload your private video to You Tube and then email: livelalo@lalotactical.com the link and password to view it. Selected submissions will be posted here, and viewers can vote on their favorite video. Video submissions will be selected and shared via LALO’s social media channels on a weekly basis. Winner will receive $3K toward the travel initiative outlined in their submission. The 3K must be used for outlined initiative.
  2. Your Entry: Your plan should not only be exciting and fun to get behind, but something that is beneficial for multiple people. We firmly believe that helping & being of service to others is one of the greatest rewards in life, so we will be looking for the submission that is not only awesome, but includes & benefits others as well.
  3. How to Create Your Video Submission: How you choose to create your video application is up to you, but understand that we will be compiling these entries and posting them on our website for others to vote on, so you’re going to want to get creative if you want to stick out and get some votes! Thoughtful, creative, and funny videos generally do ve this crowd!
  4. Winner Expectations: The Winner of the “Living LALO” contest will be expected to carry out a series of responsibilities while he/she embarks on his/her trip or initiative.
    1. Documentation: The Winner will be expected to post about the progression of their trip/initiative. This can be a photo or video, but some sort of content is necessary. The Winner will have to tag @LALOTactical in these posts, as well as use the #LiveLALO hashtag.
    2. Attire: Wear LALO gear/shoes in documentation photos while carrying out the trip or initiative that was planned. This can be shoes, hats, socks, shirts, whatever the winner prefers, as long as it’s LALO branded. LALO will provide footwear and apparel for trip/initiative. Please keep in mind that you will be representing the LALO Brand and act accordingly in an upstanding manner.
  5. Winner will be announced April 14, 2017.
  6. Rules & Guidelines: You must be 18 years of age to enter. LALO, LLC is not responsible for travel logistics, flights, accommodations, any and/or all activities while on trip or any injuries, mishaps or incidents that occur while traveling to or from or during trip. In other words, we cut you a check for 3k and you’re responsible for your trip/initiative in its entirety.

Get to work and show us how you want to LIVE LALO in 2017!