About Us

The only easy day was yesterday

LALO Tactical makes uncommon footwear for the common man and woman who strive to do uncommon things. We make the most technologically advanced products for the military and beyond. Our collection is Navy Seal tested and approved.

Field testing and thoughtful feedback from Elite Officers enables us to produce the most innovative product available. At LALO Tactical, it is our duty to act with honor, courage, commitment and integrity, just like the men and women who wear and test our products.

Whether you participate in 5k’s, 10k’s, adventure races or Crossfit, we have the shoe for you.

About Lalo


For the best, by the best


During his tenure as an active duty member of U.S. Navy SEAL Team 10, Nathanael “Lalo” Roberti observed how inadequate footwear was causing an assortment of operational issues and injuries for himself and his teammates.

Roberti was inspired to bring LALO to life in June 2005, when 11 of his team members perished in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. This had been the single largest loss of Navy Seals in an incident to date - Operation Red Wing. Roberti was compelled to create a product in the name of his fallen brothers that would serve not only as a legacy, but make a truly positive impact on active duty military members serving on the front line. True to his Navy SEAL roots, Roberti aspired to create a game changer. The result: The ultimate special forces tactical boot featuring a unique patent, which includes a drainage system, a fast-dry component and the lightest weight materials on the market. In short, a super-boot.

Roberti quickly realized that his comrades would also benefit from highly specialized footwear they could wear throughout their military careers. LALO Footwear’s BUD/s and SQT (Seal Qualified Training) line is produced with the same high quality materials, attention to detail and a commitment to constant innovation. It is extensively tested by the best of the best, including Special Forces operators, Crossfit athletes, adventure racers, distance runners and water sports experts.

Roberti’s clear directive is to build the most technologically advanced tactical footwear available for our troops. In doing so, he brings to life a footwear line that is not only “best in class” for the military, but also recreational and elite athletes. If it’s up to par for our troops to wear into combat, Roberti guarantees it’s exceptional for you. Because, no matter what life throws your way, one thing’s for certain, the only easy day was yesterday.